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About Julian Tours

Julian Tours is a tour operator based near Washington, D.C., with a global reputation. We work to provide our clients superior service and excellence within a friendly and comfortable environment.

With a 35-year proven track record, Julian Tours can leverage its vast network of tour industry professionals and colleagues in education, business, government, sports and the arts to deliver a superior travel experience.

As a supporting and active member of the leading travel organizations, we pledge to adhere to a strict code of ethics which guide us in all of our affairs. We also meet or exceed all membership requirements in the area of insurance, and in fact, schools and employees are named as additionally insured on our policy.

Our track record has earned the trust of parents, teachers, schools and school systems across the country. We take pride in serving schools in many of the leading urban and suburban jurisdictions nationwide.

Julian Tours founder Randy Julian was elected the 2007 Chairman and CEO of the National Tour Association, North America's leading travel association.